St Anne's Chapel, Haddington

Grid reference

NT 517 738 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

351700 673800





Altitude (metres)



East Lothian

Nearby places

St Martin's Gate, Haddington (0.14 miles)

St Mary's Church, Haddington (0.14 miles)

Haddington, parish (0.14 miles)

St Martin's Church, Haddington (0.2 miles)

St John's Church, Haddington (0.22 miles)

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'Within the toun near to the East Port there is a great house called Saint Anne's Chappel to which, even unto this day, about fourscore houses within the toun are bound by their charter to pay yearly a small few duty. By an ancient Institution, that House was to have a Chaplain, who was once in the year to sing a Psalm there, which was all the duty he was obliged to perform for his salary, being the few-duties above mentioned' (Geog. Coll. iii, 66) NMRS records (Canmore ID 56508) that the chapel was removed in 1814. The OS Name Book (1853) noted that several people still remembered the old building whose 'lower portion was all arched'. The housing built on the site is still called St Anne's Place (OS Digimap).

Relationships with other parishes

Within Haddington, parish