Kilmoire, eccles., Barra

Grid reference

NF 703 067 (assumed location)

Six-figure easting & northing

70300 806700





Altitude (metres)




Nearby places

Barra, parish aka Kilbarr (0.45 miles)

Cille Bharra, eccles. Barra (0.45 miles)

Eilean Sheumais, Barra (3.33 miles)

Rubha Mhìcheil, Barra (3.7 miles)

St Brendan RC Church, Barra (4.12 miles)

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Is linear feature?



In about 1630 the site of 'Kilmoir' or 'Kilmoire' was described as lying on the west side of a large sandy place (Traigh Cille Bharra), on green ground, on the south side of a hill on the other side of which Cille Bharra apparently stood. This corresponds more or less to the situation of the burial ground shown on OS 6 inch map at the above NGR. This is probably the chapel mentioned by Martin Martin 'about half a mile on the south side of the hill near St Barr's church', though he does not mention its name. The 1630 account adds: 'In this Chappell as the Inhabitants say that there is a certaine earth within this Chappell which if anie man wold carrie the samen with him to the sea, And if the wind of stormie strong weather were cruell and vehement if wold caste a litle of this earth into the sea it wold pacifie the wind and the sea wold grow calme immediatelie efter the casting the earth into the sea' (Geog. Coll. ii, 178-9). NMRS records the presence of a small rectangular building in the enclosure, which may be the remains of a chapel.

Relationships with other parishes

Within Barra, parish aka Kilbarr