Rankilburn, former parish, Ettrick

Grid reference

NT 319 119 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

331900 611900





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Nearby places

Ettrick, parish (4.05 miles)

Lady's Well, Roberton (5.77 miles)

Ladyside, settlement, Kirkhope (5.77 miles)

St Mary's Chapel, Roberton (6.06 miles)

St Mary's Chapel, Teviothead (6.7 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (non-extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



NGR is for Buccleuch Church, remains of which now lie under forestry cover. See NMRS for more details (Canmore ID 53050). It served the parish of Rankilburn, until this parish was joined to the parish of Yarrow after the Reformation. It was in ruins by 1566. The Buccleuch Kirk site is on the Rankle Burn. 'In 1650, certain lands, forming or including the parish of Rankilburn, were disjoined from the parish of Yarrow and annexed to that of Ettrick, an arrangement which seems to have existed ever since’ (OPS i, 248-9).


Relationships with other parishes

Within Ettrick, parish

Within Yarrow, parish (formerly)

Parish details

OPS i, 264 says of this parish: "Rankilburn, named 'Buccleuch' in the New Statistical Account and in modern maps...was early in the fifteenth century an independent parish and rectory [citing Melrose Lib and Libellus taxationum]. Subsequently to the reformation, and before the year 1621, it was both ecclesiastically and civilly united to the parish of Yarrow, but in 1650 the lands of Deepup, Mount Common, Gemmelscleuch, Ettrickside, Anelshope, Buccleuchs Easter and Wester, Tushielaw, Cacrabank, and teh Corslies, nearly corresponding to the ancient Rankilburn, were by a decreet of disjunctions separated from Yarrow and annexed to Ettrick, "quharaunto" says the record, "they ly mair ewest" . OPS further notes parish bounded by Rankle Burn and Tima Water (also on N by Ettrick Water, one presumes. Cowan notes it was a parsonage in Bagimond.

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