St Patrick's Well, Strathblane

Grid reference

NS 560 764 (general (1km))

Six-figure easting & northing

256000 676400





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St Mackessog's Well, Strathblane (0.36 miles)

Baldernock, settlement, Baldernock (1.32 miles)

Baldernock, parish (1.32 miles)

Baldernock, ~eccles., Baldernock (1.32 miles)

Strathblane, parish (1.81 miles)

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The well is close to the parish boundary of Kilpatrick, which may be significant given the dedication of the Well. Smith, Strathblane, p. 256 demonstrates his own prejudices in his discussion of this well, though is interesting in that he records devout activity here up to the beginning of the nineteenth century: 'This used to be a sacred well, and yearly, on the 1st May, up to the beginning of this century, many a pilgrim used to visit its healing waters; perhaps a cripple barely able to hobble to the spot, or a mother with an ailing child, or a cottar with a sick cow, all with melancholy superstition seeking to propitiate some great spirit - clearly not a Christian one - by depositing a small coin or stone in the well, or hanging on the branches of an old thorn tree which used to wave over it scraps of cloth or other trifling articles belonging to the patient brought to be cured.' See NMRS for description of recent loss of the well and the local memory of it.

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