Kilmaluag, ~eccles., Kilmacolm

Grid reference

NS 360 720 (assumed location)

Six-figure easting & northing

236000 672000







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Kilmaluag, settlement, Kilmacolm (0 miles)

East Kilbride, settlement Kilmacolm (0.84 miles)

Kilmacolm, settlement, Kilmacolm (1.31 miles)

Kilmacolm, parish (1.31 miles)

Kilmacolm, ~eccles. Kilmacolm (1.31 miles)

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Is linear feature?



The existence of this church or chapel is inferred from the settlement-name Kilmaluag in Kilmacolm parish (q.v.), attested as part of the holdings of the Danielston family, along with Danielston, Finlayston etc. in Kilmacolm parish. The location of the church/chapel is suggested by a local informant in the nineteenth century (Gibb 1872, 14)who reported an event 'at a place near the smithy of Finlayston, called Chapelhill, or Kilmalig', showing that the name was still current, and the location of the lands of Kilmaluag still known, in the nineteenth century. There is a slight problem with this identification, however: Chapelhill, on OS 6 inch 1st edn map, is shown not in Kilmacolm parish where one would have expected, but in the neighbouring parish of Erskine. The 'site of Chapel' marked on that map on the western slope of Chapelhill (NS365730) is also in Erskine parish. It may be that the map has misidentified the chapel-site, perhaps locating it on Chapelhill because of the name of the hill, rather than because they knew of its exact location. It is only a few dozen metres from Kilmacolm parish, and the hill in Erskine parish may have been named for a chapel very close to its western slope in Kilmacolm parish. Another possibility is that the chapel was indeed on Chapelhil, but the settlement to which it gave its name was across the burn in Kilmacolm parish. On the other hand, it may also be that the parish boundary has moved slightly to the west, and that Chapelhill and the Site of Chapel were originally in Kilmacolm, not in Erskine.

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