St Mary's Priory/Isle, Trail, Kirkcudbright

Grid reference

NX 674 492 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

267400 549200





Altitude (metres)




Nearby places

Kirkeoch, settlement, Kirkchrist, Twynholm (0.75 miles)

Kirkeoch, eccles., Kirkchrist, Twynholm (0.75 miles)

Kirkchrist, former parish, Twynholm (1.31 miles)

Kirkchrist, ~eccles. Kirkchrist, Twynholm (1.31 miles)

Angel Hill, Kirkcudbright (1.46 miles)

Object Classification


Is linear feature?



NMRS records: No trace remains of the Augustinian Priory on St Mary's Isle. It is first mentioned in a charter of 1189, so there may be some substance in the unsupported allegation that it was founded by Fergus of Galloway in 1161. It was a cell of Holyrood Abbey, but was virtually independent by 1511/12, and was becoming ruinous by that time. The priory lands were finally granted to James Lidderdale and his son in 1608. The Earl of Selkirk (Name Book 1849) considers that the S wall of the mansion house was part of the old priory (see also NX64NE 2). Harper, however, states that the old mansion has been removed and a new building is being built in its place. D E Easson 1957; I B Cowan letter to D E Easson 1964; M Harper 1896 The published site is covered by coniferous trees. The mansion has been demolished. Visited by OS (WDJ) 8 January 1971.

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