St Leonard's Hospital, Lanark

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NS 889 439 (assumed location)

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St Leonard's Church (medieval), Lanark (0 miles)

St Leonards, former parish, Lanark (0 miles)

St Leonard's Church (modern), Lanark (0.36 miles)

St Kentigern's Church, Lanark (0.45 miles)

Lanark, parish (0.45 miles)

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The NGR is suggested by NMRS, and the street-names in the vicinity (St Leonard Street, St Leonard's Road, Hospitaland Drive) echo the presence of the medieval hospital. There was a chapel of St Leonard within or near the hospital, where the master of the hospital was to arrange for the celebration of mass for the soul of the donor (Robert III) and of his queen Annabelle (RMS i no. 864: 'pro perpetuo celebrari in capella Sancti Leonardi'). By the sixteenth century this chapel is being treated as a parish church, and its territory (presumably the lands originally given for the support of the hospital and chapel) were being treated as a parish (seee St Leonards, former parish, Lanark). The lands of the hospital were known as St Leonard's Lands, as in the charter of 1535: Joh. Hammyltoun ... magistrum seu preceptorem hospitalis Sancti Leonardi infra dioces. Glasguen. ... 40 solidatas terrarum ant.ext. Sanct-Leonardis-land nuncupat., adjacentes ecclesie Beati Leonardi ... 40 solidat. ant. ext. de Spittalschelis, Wester-seit vulgo nuncupat., 40 sol. ant. ext. de Myddlesteid de Spittalschelis nuncupat.; 21 ½ acras jacen. inter dict. ecclesiam et burgum de Lanark ... in parochia Beati Leonardi, vic. Lanark (RMS iii no. 1534). The hospital appears with its lands in a later charter in 1542, enjoying 'terras de Spittalschelis ac alias terras et acras prope burgum de Lanark, Sanct-Leonardis-landis nuncupat. .... solvend. annuatim in sustentationem hospitalis Sancti Leonardi ac duorum pauperum apud dict. hospitale ...' (RMS iii no. 2838).

Relationships with other parishes

Within Lanark, parish

Within St Leonards, former parish, Lanark (formerly)

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Adjacent St Leonard's Church (medieval), Lanark