St Anthony's Hospital/Friary, Leith

Grid reference

NT 269 760 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

326900 676000







Nearby places

St Mary's Church, South Leith (0.06 miles)

South Leith, modern parish (0.06 miles)

St Ninian's Chapel, North Leith (0.33 miles)

St Nicholas Chapel, North Leith (0.42 miles)

North Leith, modern parish (0.53 miles)

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This hospital gives its name to the modern streets in South Leith, St Anthony Street, St Anthony Place and St Anthony Lane, which form three sides of a small urban block centred at NT269760. It was not strictly a friary, as sometimes suggested. It was a hospital erected for canons of the Augustinian order of St Anthony of Vienne, for the poor and those suffering from St Anthony's disease (erysipelas). It was suppressed in 1591. Nothing now remains (NMRS). The entry for 1565 (RSS v no. 2246) records a letter made 'to Schir James Tarbert, chaiplane, of the gift of ane chaiplanrie and leving quhilkis pertenit to unquhile Dene Bartilmo Barroun, one of the brethir of the hospitall of Sanct Anthone ... now throw his deceis vacand and being in our soverane lord and ladyis gift .....' The same source indicates that Mathew Forestar is 'now maister of the said hospitall'.

Relationships with other parishes

Within South Leith, modern parish

Within South Leith, modern parish