St Mary's Church (of the Lowes), Yarrow

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NT 254 236 (accurate position)

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325400 623600







Nearby places

St Mary's Loch, Yarrow (0.59 miles)

St Mary's Cottage, Yarrow (2.11 miles)

Rodono Chapel, Ettrick (3.33 miles)

Ladyside, settlement, Kirkhope (5.08 miles)

Ettrick, parish (5.66 miles)

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On the shore of St Mary's Loch, this is the original site of the parish kirk of Yarrow. It was known as St Mary's 'de Foresta', or 'of the Lowes', or 'of Farmainishop'. Modern OS gives this as "St Mary's Kirkyard" This is the likely site (somewhere in the vicinity) of the original parish church of St Mary of the Lowes, which became absorbed into Yarrow in the 17th century, along with complex changes involving also the parishes of Ettrick and Rankilburn (see OPS I, 248). The early names of that parish church have been assigned here, as they belong here rather than the parish church at Yarrow, which dates only to 1640. For extensive early forms, see OPS I, 248. See NMRS for location and description of the site, including a burial of 1699.

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Within Yarrow, parish

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Adjacent St Mary's Loch, Yarrow