Our Lady's Chapel, Weisdale, Tingwall (Shet)

Grid reference

HU 383 500 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

438300 115000





Altitude (metres)




Nearby places

Weisdale, former Parish, Tingwall (Shetland) (0 miles)

Our Lady's Chapel (0 miles)

Annsfield in Sandsting (2.38 miles)

Sandsting, parish (Shetland) (2.88 miles)

St Mary's Chapel by Sand (2.88 miles)

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In 1703 John Brand describes (in his usual contemptuous way) the continuing cult at the site of the chapel: "The Church of Wisdale, which belongether to this Parish is much frequented by the Superstitious Country People, who light Candles therein, drop Money in and about it, go on their bare knees round it, and nto which in the Straits and Sickness they have hteir Recourse, yea some are so silly as to think, that if they be in any distress, tho not at this Church, yet if they turn their faces to it, God will hear them. One of the Justices told us, that tho they have laid out themselves to get these superstitious Conceits Eradicated, yet they cannot get it altogether effecturated, but still they continue among the People. A Minister also told me, that it was much frequented by Women, who when they desire to Marry, went to this Church making their Vowes and saying their Prayers there, so assuring themselves that God would cause Men come in suit of them: But his is not now so much in use as formerly." (Brand, New Description, 92) OS Name Book (1878) records that there were no remains at the site, but local people could still point out the site of the chapel and the associated graveyard was then still in use (cited by NMRS).