St Leonard's Hospital, SSL Fife

Grid reference

NO 512 166 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

351200 716600





Altitude (metres)




Nearby places

St Leonard's Church, SSL Fife (0 miles)

St Leonards College, SSL (0.06 miles)

St Leonards, former parish, SSL (0.09 miles)

St Andrews, settlement, SSL (0.09 miles)

St Andrews, former parish, SSL (0.09 miles)

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The hospital, founded in the twelfth century as part of the property of St Andrews priory, was initially referred to as 'hospitalis Sancti Anddree' or 'hospitalis de Sancto Andrea', but this was not the dedication of the hospital. It was an indication that the hospital was in the town of St Andrews or belonged to the priory of St Andrew. By 1413 the hospital chapel had become a church (St A. Lib. 15), and its nominal parish was the property given to the hospital to support its work. See St Andrews Church SSL. Ultimately in February 1512 'the hospital and church of St Leonard joined there to, newly built in proper form at the expense of the Church of St Andrews' were turned by Archbishop Stewart and Prior John Hepburn into a college 'to be called the College of Poor Clerks of the Church of St Andrews.'

Relationships with other parishes

Within St Andrews & St Leonards, modern parish

Within St Andrews, former parish, SSL (formerly)

Within St Leonards, former parish, SSL (formerly)