Church of St Nicholas, Aberdeen

Grid reference

NJ 940 062 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

394000 806200







Nearby places

Aberdeen City, aka St Nicholas, parish (0 miles)

St Thomas's Hospital, Aberdeen (0.06 miles)

St Catharine's Hill, Aberdeen (0.12 miles)

St Catherine's Chapel, Aberdeen (0.12 miles)

Ladycroft, settlement Aberdeen (0.31 miles)

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According to NMRS (Canmore ID 20164), this was originally a twelfth-century cruciform church, some parts of which remain. The dedication of the crypt to St Mary is reflected in James Gordon's account of Aberdeen, circa 1647, in which he records that St Nicholas' Kirk is divided into three 'temples' [foci of worship], of which one is a crypt (fornix) dedicated to [Our] Lady of Pity (Dominae Misericordiae) (Geog. Coll. ii, 479). He add that 'in the time of Papacy, there were in these three 'templis' thirty altars in honour of different saints, as is the custom in papistry, each with its own revenues. To run through their names, of which there survives today hardly a trace, would be offensive to many, and tedious to most' (ibid., 480).

Relationships with other parishes

Within Aberdeen City, aka St Nicholas, parish (formerly)

Within Old Machar, Old Aberdeen, parish