St Constantine's Church, Urr

Grid reference

NX 840 627 (general (1km))

Six-figure easting & northing

284000 562700







Nearby places

Maidenholm, Urr (0.76 miles)

St Peter's Church, modern, Dalbeattie, Urr (1.12 miles)

Torkatrine, settlement, Urr (1.33 miles)

Mary's Pool, Buittle/Urr (1.72 miles)

Falgunzeon, settlement, Kirkgunzeon (2.11 miles)

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The church of St Constantine at Edingham was apparently the mother-church of a wide area in the early twelfth century, probably the entire deanery of Desnes Ioan (later Nith) in the diocese of Glasgow. It had earlier been, one presumes, part of the diocese of Galloway, before Galloway began to be eroded by Cumbria and Glasgow. It subsequently became a chapel in the parish of Urr, whose kirk was that of St Colmán Elo. We should ignore the modern Ordnance Survey map indication of 'St Constantine's Church' several km to the north at Meikle Kirkland (NX825697). This mistake was not made by earlier OS maps, which simply call that site 'Chapel and Graveyard'. It was in fact almost certainly the church of Kilbride, Blaiket (q.v.).

Relationships with other parishes

Within Urr, parish, aka Colmonell KCB

Within Urr, parish, aka Colmonell KCB