St Catherine's Chapel, Dunfermline

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NT 089 873 (assumed location)

Six-figure easting & northing

308900 687300







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St Catherine's Wynd, Dunfermline (0 miles)

Dunfermline, parish (0.06 miles)

Dunfermline Abbey, Trinity, Dunfermline (0.06 miles)

Lady's Mill, Dunfermline (0.32 miles)

St Mary's Chapel, Dunfermline (0.33 miles)

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There are no certain remains of this building, first attested as a chapel attached to an almshouse for the poor in 1327 (Dunf. Reg. no. 370). It presumably lay near St Catherine's Wynd and St Catherine's Garden. Note that in 1555 x 1583 there is a record of St Catherine's Doocot, 'Columbario Diue Catherine', which may have lain close to these places (Dunf. Reg. p. 490). RMS iv no. 2969 (1580) describes its situation: 'hospitium et sacellum Dive Katherine, cum domibus, edificiis, horto seu pomerio et columbario, et hortulo super dictum hortum constructo inter torrentem fortalicii ex occidentali, terras Wil. Durie ex boreali, vias regias ex ceteribus partibus.'

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Within Dunfermline, parish

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Adjacent St Catherine's Garden, Dunfermline

Within St Catherine's Wynd, Dunfermline