St Michael's Church, Linlithgow

Grid reference

NT 002 772 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

300200 677200





Altitude (metres)



West Lothian

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Linlithgow, parish (0 miles)

St Mary's Chapel, Linlithgow (0.14 miles)

Mount Michael, Linlithgow (0.36 miles)

St Magdalens, hospital & lands, Linlithgow (0.56 miles)

St Magdalen's Chapel, Linlithgow (0.56 miles)

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In 1795 the minister recorded the cult of Michael in the parish: 'The steeple is adorned with an imperial crown, which has a fine effect from whatever point it is viewed. The out side of the church was adorned with several statues, and the niches remain; but, in the height of antipapal zeal, all the figures were demolished, except that of Michael, which escaped probably from its being placed higher than the rest, rather than respect to him as the tutelary angel. That he was reputed so, appears from the stately church dedicated to him, from one of the wells, which bears his name, and the town arms, which exhibit him with this inscription: Vis Michaelis collocet nos in coelis. But whatever the people here might, in ignorant times, attribute to his influence, it may be presumed they now build their hopes of admission to heaven on a surer basis.'

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