St Thomas's Well, Stirling

Grid reference

NS 778 930 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

277800 693000







Nearby places

Chapel Well, aka Christ's Well, St Ninians (0.31 miles)

Tibirmasko, ~well, St Ninians or Stirling (0.74 miles)

St Mary's Land, Stirling (0.74 miles)

St James Hospital, Stirling (0.74 miles)

St Michael's Chapel, Castle, Stirling (0.92 miles)

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It seems that in the late 19th century the name St Thomas's Well was thought to refer to a large pool in the middle of a farm-steading at the centre of which was said to be a spring. But there is a well clearly marked on the OS 6" map which may be the one which is now restored; according to NMRS it 'shows no indications of any antiquity'. Various carved stone fragments were reported from the site in 1898, including a hog-back grave-stone. Some of these are still visible but there is no evidence of the chapel at that time speculated to have existed. Fleming, 1898, says this well was formerly known as Christ's Well, but NMRS assign this name to a different well (ID 46248) a short distance to the south. St Thomas's Well is Canmore ID 46237.

Relationships with other parishes

Within Stirling, parish

NMRS says Stirling, but may be St Ninians. CHECK.