St Fillan's Chair, Comrie

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NN 708 232 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

270800 723200





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Nearby places

St Fillan's Well, Comrie (0 miles)

St Fillan's Hill, Comrie (0.06 miles)

St Fillan's Chapel, Comrie (0.36 miles)

St Fillans, settlement Comrie (0.95 miles)

Dalchonzie, settlement Comrie (2.16 miles)

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NMRS records the complex here and the ritual practice: 'The spring of St Fillan, at the W end of Strathearne is at the foot of a rock, a quarter of a mile south of Dun-Fhaolain (St Fillan's Hill - NN 7023). It is still visited by invalids especially on 1st May and the 1st August. A white stone is thrown on the saint's cairn and rags are left. A rock on the summit of the hill formed a chair for saint. At the foot of the hill there is a basin made by the saint, on the top of a large stone. OSA 1794.' Mackinlay (1893, 81): 'Here, according to tradition, the saint sat and gave his blessing to the country around. Towards the end of the last century, and doubtless even later, this chair was associated with a superstitious remedy for rheumatism in the back. The person to be cured sat in the chair, and then, lying on his back, was dragged down the hill be the legs. The influence of the saint lingering about the spot was believed to insure recovery.'

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Within Comrie, parish

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Adjacent St Fillan's Chapel, Comrie

Adjacent St Fillan's Hill, Comrie

Adjacent St Fillan's Well, Comrie