St Cainneach's Chapel, KKV (Inchkenneth)

Grid reference

NM 437 354 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

143700 735400





Altitude (metres)




Nearby places

Inchkenneth, former parish, KKV (0 miles)

Inchkenneth, island KKV Mull (0.19 miles)

Uamh Beathaig, KKV (Mull) (1.72 miles)

Suidhe Choluimcille, KKV (Mull) (2.06 miles)

Cille Mhic Eoghainn, KKE (Ulva, Mull) (3.35 miles)

Object Classification



Is linear feature?



Samuel Johnson wrote of this site: 'Inch Kenneth was once a seminary of ecclesiasticks, subordinate, I suppose, to Icolmkill ... Our attention was sufficiently engaged by a venerable chapel, which stands yet entire, except that the roof is gone. It is about sixty feet in length and thirty in breadth. On one side of the altar is a bas relief of the blessed Virgin, and by it lies a little bell; which, though cracked, and without a clapper, has remained there for ages, guarded only by the venerableness of the place' (Johnson's Journey, 144). The same bell is recorded in 1795 by the minister: 'What is pretty singular, a small bell, used at the celebration of mass, is still lying on the altar' (OSA xiv, 203). The remains now at this site are of a thirteenth-cenntury church above a sandy beach wehre small boats can land. There is no evidence of the 'seminary' mentioned by Johnson (NMRS, q.v. for further details).