St Michael's Well, Kirkmichael KRM Banff

Grid reference

NJ 148 235 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

314800 823500





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Kirkmichael, parish KRM Banff (0.36 miles)

St Michael's Cross, Kirkmichael (0.36 miles)

Tobar Aoibh, Kirkmichael MRY (1.94 miles)

St Bridget's Chapel, Kirkmichael KRM (3.48 miles)

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Local tradition places this well about 500m south of the St Michael's Church. No trace of the well can be seen today. A description given in 1794 suggests this was a spring (NMRS). A variety of stories and legends once surrounded St Michael's Well. OSA xii, 464-5 recorded (1794), 'Near the kirk of this parish there is a fountain, once highly celebrated, and anciently dedicated to St Michael. Many a patient have its waters restored to health, and many more have attested the efficacy of their virtues. But, as the presiding power is sometimes capricious, and apt to desert his charge, it now lies neglected, choked with weeds, unhonoured, and unfrequented. In better days it was not so; for the winged guardian under the semblance of a fly, was never absent from his duty. If the sober matron wished to know / the issue of her husband's ailment, or the love-sick nymph that of her languishing swain, they visited the well of St Michael. Every movement of the sympathetic fly was regarded in silent awe; and as he appeared cheerful or dejected, the anxious votaries drew their presages ...'

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Within Kirkmichael, parish KRM Banff

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Adjacent St Michael's Chapel, Kirkmichael KRM BNF

Adjacent St Michael's Cross, Kirkmichael