St Mary's Well, Auchindoir & Kearn

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NJ 472 248 (assumed location)

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348200 824600







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St Mary's Church, Auchindoir & Kearn (0.32 miles)

St John's Well, Auchindoir & Kearn (0.57 miles)

Rhynie, parish (1.81 miles)

St Luag's Church, Rhynie (1.81 miles)

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NMRS: About 100 yards to the west of the church was a Well of Our Lady or St Mary's Well the water of which was used to cure toothache (A Jervise 1871; A Jervise 1879; D MacGibbon and T Ross 1896; H Scott 1926; W D Simpson 1930; W D Simpson 1932). No trace could be found of St Mary's Well, 100 yards to the west of the church, but according to Mrs A R Barlass (Craig Castle, Aberdeenshire) a well at NJ 4722 2481 is known as St Mary's Well and is reputed locally to have holy properties. It is carved out of a piece of stone to form a basin, c.0.6 metres by c.0.4 metres by c.0.4 metres deep, which is fed by water from a natural spring (Revised at 1/2500. Visited by OS (RL) 27 September 1967) The church near to which it lies is the old parish kirk of Auchindoir, dedicated to BVM.

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