Killianan, eccles. Inverness & Bona (BAX)

Grid reference

NH 571 346 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

257100 834600





Altitude (metres)




Nearby places

St Columba's Font, Inverness & Bona (0.09 miles)

Bona, former parish (0.14 miles)

Killianan, settlement Inverness & Bona (0.14 miles)

Dores, parish (1.81 miles)

Ruighe Uradain, Inverness & Bona (2.89 miles)

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Is linear feature?



NMRS: This is thought to have been the old kirk of Bona parish. Taylor 1999, 67: 'The church of the medieval parish of Abriachan (Moray diocese) stood at Killionan of Abriachan (Cowan, Medieval Parishes, 19). The late-ninteenth-century local antiquarian William Mackay was convinced that the saint in the name was Adomnán. In the adjacent parish of Urquhart ... a Crofta Sancti Adampnani is mentioned in 1556. This appears in a document of 1647 as Croft Indon, and is Mackay's chief reason for his assertion that Killionan ('now pronounced "Eonan"') contains this saint's name. Watson, on the other hand, was equally convinced that the saint involved was Fínán (Watson 1926, 286), and Mackay and he politely but firmly disagreed on the subject at Mackay's talk to the Gaelic Society of Inverness in April 1909. An entry in Moray Reg. no. 403 from 1544 proves Mackay wrong. It concerns the feuing to Hugh Fraser, Lord Lovat of the episcopal alnds of Easter and Wester Kinmylies (Kilmyles), Balnafare, Easter and Wester Abriachan (Abreoquhy), Kilquhynnane, along with the mill of Bught (Bucht) and fishing on the River Ness. .... it is safe to assum that Kilquhynnane represents the later Killionan of Abriachan. Whether quh represents an original lenited c, or whether it is being used, as was often the case in Scots orthography, to represent f, which latter would prove Watson correct, it certainly rules out Adomnán as the saint contained in this name.'

Relationships with other parishes

Within Bona, former parish (formerly)

Within Inverness & Bona

Relationships with other places

Adjacent Killianan, settlement Inverness & Bona

Adjacent St Columba's Font, Inverness & Bona