Fumac Kirk, Botriphnie

Grid reference

NJ 375 440 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

337500 844000







Nearby places

Botriphnie, parish (0 miles)

St Fumac's Well, Botriphnie (0.18 miles)

Bomakelloch, settlement Botriphnie (2.51 miles)

Maryhill, Boharm (3.67 miles)

Dalmeny, settlement, Boharm? (4.03 miles)

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Mackinlay 1914, 504: 'According to local tradition, St Fumac bathed every morning, summer and winter, in a copious spring still to be seen in the manse garden, and by way of penance went round the bounds of the parish on his knees praying that its inhabitants might be preserved from the plague. In later times the wooden image of the saint was carefully kept in the parish, and used to be annually washed in his well on his festival day, 3rd May. It is said to have been burned more than a century ago as an object of superstition. A cross-bearing slab about 5 1/2 feet in height stood in the burying-ground of Botriphnie till about 1820, when it was destroyed by a blacksmith who used it as a hearthstone for his smithy. It was probably the cross beside which St Funac's Fair at Botriphnie was at one time held'.

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Within Botriphnie, parish

Within Botriphnie, parish