Cille Mhuire, Alness, Kildermorie

Grid reference

NH 522 772 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

252200 877200





Altitude (metres)




Nearby places

Tobar Mhuire, Alness, by Loch Morie (0.36 miles)

Kildermorie Lodge, Alness (0.55 miles)

Kildermorie, settlement, Alness (0.75 miles)

Gleann Mhuire, glen, Alness (0.79 miles)

Loch Morie, Alness (0.89 miles)

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Watson 1904, 79: 'Above the old chapel is Creag na Cille, Church-rock, below which is Glaic nan Clerach, where the parson of Kilmuir was killed by the parson of Kildermorie (or vice versa). ... A market, Feill Mhoire, was once held here.' In 1726 it was recorded that 'In general they say the river [the River Glass, formerly 'Auld Graindt or Ugly burn'] is not sonsy, nor yet the loch from which it comes being Loch Glaish 3 miles in lenth. Apparitions they report to be seen about it and that called the Waterhorse. But they think the water is sanctifyed by bringing water to it from Lochmoire which Alness River runs. This Loch, which is 2 m. long, 5 m. from the church to N.W. owes its sanctity to a chappell at the W. end of it dedicated of old to the V. Mary. It lyes in a little glen called Glenmoir or Kildermory; all the rent of which Glen would have made but a scrimpt subsistence for the priest, but the hideous remote situation of the place has probably made it be resorted to in pilgrimage' (Geog. Coll. i, 212-13).

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