St Tredwell's Chapel, Papa Westray (ORK)

Grid reference

HY 495 508 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

349500 105080





Altitude (metres)




Nearby places

Loch of St Tredwell, Papa Westray (ORK) (0.14 miles)

St Boniface's Church, Papa Westray (ORK) (1.2 miles)

Papa Westray, parish (Orkney) (1.26 miles)

Lady Kirk, eccles. Westray (ORK) (3.68 miles)

Westray, parish (Orkney) (3.68 miles)

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Is linear feature?



John Brand gives some indication of the cultural importance of this site in 1703: 'There are several old Chappels in these Isles, which the People resort unto, but that which I heard of, as most famous is St. Tredwels Chappel in Papa-Westra, which they have such a Veneration for, that they will come from other Isles in considerable numbers to it, some of us, having occasion to be on that Isle, we saw this Chappel, situated on a small low Rock, with a loch commonly called St Tredwels Loch, to which we passed by stepping stones, before this Chappel door there was a heap of small stones, into which the Superstitious People when they come do cast a small stone or two for their offering, and some will cast money; the Chapel hath been but little, and is now Ruinous, only some of the Walls are standing, which the People are so far from suffering to be demolished, that they labour to keep them up, and tho the Proprietour of the ground hath some way enclosed it, yet this proves not effectual to prevent the frequenting thereof. At the North East side of the Loch, nigh to the Chappel, there is a high stone standing, behind which there is another stone lying hollowed in the form of a Manger, and nigh to this there is another high stone standing with a round hole through it, for what use these stones served, we could not learn; whether for binding the Horses of such to them as come to the Chappel, and giving them meat in the hollow stone, or for tying the Sacrifice to, as some say, in times of Pagan Idolatry, is uncertain.' (Brand, New Description, 57-8). He also gives an account of neighbouring St Tredwell's Loch, q.v.

Relationships with other parishes

Within Papa Westray, parish (Orkney)

Within Papa Westray, parish (Orkney)