Nenthorn, parish

Grid reference

NT 678 368 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

367800 636800





Nearby places

Nenthorn, tree, Nenthorn (0.7 miles)

Smailholm, parish (1.88 miles)

Stichill, parish (2.22 miles)

Makerstoun, parish (2.38 miles)

St Nicholas's Church, Hume (2.83 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



NGR for Nenthorn Old Church (NMRS).

Parish details


Parish TLA




Medieval diocese

St Andrews

Parish notes

In origin a chapel of Ednam, which was granted to Durham c.1105; the revenues of the mother church with those of this chapel and Newton and Stichil appear to have been devoted to the use of the cell of Coldingham by c.1150, although the confirmations continue to be made to the monks of Durham (Raine, North Durham, App. nos. clxi, ccccli, dxiii). As a result of disputes between Durham and Roger bp.-elect of St Andrews (1189x98), the church of Nenthorn and its chapel of Newton were disjoined from that of Ednam and granted to the bishop..(ibid. nos. lii, cccclxii; Coldingham Corr. cx; CPL xii, 321). See Cowan 1967, 155 for more details, including the transfer of Nenthorn and its chapel of Newton to Kelso Abbey, in exchange for the church of Cranston. The parish of Hume HUM had a detached part situated on the n.w. border of the parish of Nenthorn NEN. In 1891 from Hume to Nenthorn were transferred: Mellerstain Home Farm (land). From Nenthorn to Hume was transferred: Hardie’s Mill Place (farm, part). Shennan 1892, 320. (O.S. 1 inch sheet 25).