Mouswald, parish

Grid reference

NY 065 726 (assumed location)

Six-figure easting & northing

306500 572600





Nearby places

St Peter's Well, Mouswald (0.19 miles)

Dalton Parva, former parish, Dalton (1.94 miles)

St Bridget's Chapel, Dalton (2.92 miles)

Dalton, aka Meikle Dalton, parish (3.14 miles)

Caerlaverock, parish aka Kirkblane DMF (3.19 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?


Relationships with other places

Contains St Peter's Well, Mouswald

Parish details


Parish TLA




Medieval diocese


Parish notes

Act for uniting certain kirks in Annandale. (Scots) (1609 APS iv, p. 441). 'On account of their poverty the said kirks adjacent to eachother are to be united: that is to say the kirkis of mekill daltoun/litill daltoun and mowswald The saidis thrie kirkis to be vnite in one place The place of resorting for heiring of the word etc. to be at litill daltoun.' But Mouswald was restored as an independent parish in 1633, by Act of Parliament: 'desyring the kirkes of Meikill and Litle Datounes, lyand within the diocie of Glasgow, to be disjoined fra the kirk of Mowswald, and ordaining Meikle and Litle Daltounes to be ane severall cure and paroche kirk per se fra Mowswald' (RPS 1633/6/56).