Logie Wester, former parish, aka Logie Bride, ULW

Grid reference

NH 535 541 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

253500 854100







Nearby places

Logiebride, eccles. LWX, Logie-Wester (0 miles)

Maryburgh, Fodderty (1.5 miles)

Urray, parish (1.94 miles)

Loch Caitrine, Fodderty (2.75 miles)

Kilchrist, eccles., formerly Tarradale, Urray (3.05 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (non-extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



With regard to the dedication to Brigid, note that there was a fair here, though it had moved to Dingwall by 1592, on St Brigid’s day (Black 1999, )

Relationships with other parishes

Within Urquhart & Logie Wester, modern parish

Within Urquhart & Logie Wester, modern parish

Relationships with other places

Contains Logiebride, eccles. LWX, Logie-Wester

Parish details

Logie Wester part of urquhart (UQX) & Logie Wester ULW

Parish TLA


Medieval diocese


Parish notes

Also known as Logiebride or Locvinethereth, the parsonage may have been a prebend of Ross by 1227, when its holder could have been one of the undesignated canons [Douenaldus vicarius] subscribing to an episcopal agreement [Moray Reg. no. 75; the form is in fact Locuinethereth, which is more likely to be for Locumethereth, an early for of Logie-Meddet i.e. Logie Easter]. Its garbal teinds were assigned to the prebend of the archdeacon of Ross, along with those of Fodderty, Killearnan and Lumlair, by Robert I bp. of Ross 1236x38 (Moray Reg. no.65; Vet. Mon. nos. lxxx, xcvii). On re-eraction of the chapter of Ross in 1256, Lumlair and Logie Wester were now disjoined from the archdeaconry, the garbal teinds of Logie Wester being conjoined with those of Urquhart and the quarter kirks of Cromarty and Rosemarkie to form the prebend of the treasurer of Ross in the re-erection of the chapter of Ross in 1256 (Vet. Mon. no.clxxxii). A vicarage had been erected by 1227, it being conjoined with that of Urquhart by 1498, the joint parsonage teinds remaining with the treasurers’. (Moray Reg. no. 65; Bag. 50; RSS i no.273; v no.766; Ass. cited OPS ii (2), 548; Lords Appeal Cases (1814), x 637). Cowan 1967, 138. Parishes of Logie Wester (LWX) and Urquhart (UQX) united in c.1669 (Watson 1904, 113). From early forms of the place-name, dedicated to Brigit.