Largs, parish

Grid reference

NS 202 594 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

220200 659400





Nearby places

St Columba's Church, Largs (0 miles)

Ballochmartin, settlement Cumbrae (2.19 miles)

Ninian Brae, Cumbrae (2.68 miles)

St Fillan's Chapel, Largs (2.7 miles)

St Fillan's Bridge, Largs (2.75 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)


NGR for the old parish kirk of St Columba, Largs, demolished when the new kirk was built in 1812 at NS202596 (also now called St Columba's Parish Church).

Relationships with other parishes

Contains Cumbrae, parish (formerly)

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Parish notes

There is confusion here. Cowan (1967, 127, under Largs) states that the church of Kirkbride of Largs was confirmed to North Berwick nunnery by Jocelin bp. of Glasgow 1174x99 (followed in this by N.B. Syllbabus, who dates it 1194x96). North Ber. Chrs. no.2. However OPS i, 507 states that the church given to N.B. was in fact in Carrick, and is now part of Maybole parish. It also states that Largs in Carrick and Largs in Cunningham are confounded in the Preface to Melr. Liber. Note however that Cowan (1967, 118) under Kirkbride GLG Carr, states that this church was granted by Duncan son of Glibert earl of Carrick 1185x1250 [Syllabus has 1189x1250] to North Berwick. Cowan ibid. goes on to say that the church of Largs was confirmed by Pope Clement IV to Paisley in 1265 (Pais. Reg. 308), but this (also) proved unsuccessful [I can find no reference to this in OPS i, 87 ff (under Largs KyCu). It was granted to Paisley however by Walter Steward c.1316, this being confirmed to the uses of the abbey by Johnbp. of Glasgow 1323x35. Both parsonage and vicarage were annexed, an earlier vicarage settlement evidently proving ineffectual and the cure was served by a removeable chaplain (Ibid. 237-44; Ass, cited OPS i, 90; RMS v no.2070. Cowan 1967, 127-8. In 1649 the lands of Southanan (belonging to Lord Sempil and Corsbie), the property of Craufurd of Auchinames, were disjoined from Largs and annexed to West Kilbride WKB (OPS i, 90). Southennan House aka Fairlie Castle (ibid. 91). Neither LGS or WKB mentioned in Shennan 1892.