Lochs, parish (Lewis)

Grid reference

NB 385 210 (vague location)

Six-figure easting & northing

138500 921000





Nearby places

Eaglais Chaluim Chille, Lochs (Lewis) (0.06 miles)

Eilean Chaluim Chille, Lochs (Lewis) (0.36 miles)

Baile Phail, Lochs (Lewis) (3.16 miles)

Alltan Pheadair, Lochs (Lewis) (3.88 miles)

Cleite Catriona, Lochs (Lewis) (7.24 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



Cowan (1967, 136) refers to Dean Monro's evidence that this was not a medieval parish. The NGR given is for Eaglais Chaluim Chille, on Eilean Chaluim Chille, in Loch Eireasort. But if Lochs was not a medieval parish, this was not a medieval church.

Parish details

Lochs in Lewis

Parish TLA




Medieval diocese


Parish notes

NOT one of the 4 med. parishes of Lewis, as described by Archdcn. Monro. Cowan 1967, under Lochs, listing them as Barvas, Ey, Ness and Uig. ‘Within the Lochis foirsaid lyis Ellan Cholmkle callit in Inglish St Colmis Ile. Within this Ile Mccloyd of the Leozus hes ane fair Orcheard, and he that is Gardinaer hes that Ile frie; gude mane [‘large, great’ acc. to gloss.] for corn, girsing and fishing, perteining to Mccloyd of the Leozus’. (Monro W.I. #234 p.84). ‘The church dedicated to St Columba, the cemetery of which is still the parish burying ground, stood upon the island of St Colm in Loch Erisort. (OPS ii (1) 385, quoting Martin 27 & NSA. The present church built in 1830 stands at Keose. 1892 Shennan, 139-40: Lochs had a detached part at Carloway, between parishes of Barvas and Uig. In 1891 this was divided between Barvas and Uig. From Lochs to Barvas: Dalbeg, Shawbost, Soval (part of moor). From Lochs to Uig: Borrowston, Carloway, Garinin, Kirivick etc. See Shennan loc. cit. for full details. Note that Garinin (just n.w. of Carloway) is probably the Garien of Mon