Kilmuir, former parish, North Uist

Grid reference

NF 707 705 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

70700 870500







Nearby places

Kilmuir, eccles. North Uist (0 miles)

Cladh Chothain, cemetery, North Uist (0.68 miles)

Kilchalma, eccl. North Uist (0.95 miles)

Eilean Trostain, North Uist (0.98 miles)

Baile Mhàrtainn, North Uist (2.12 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (non-extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



NGR for the Old Kirk. NMRS records it as built in 1764, on the site of the medieval kirk, its kirkyard containing carved stones of 10th/11th centuries.

Relationships with other parishes

Within North Uist, modern parish

Relationships with other places

Contains Eilean Trostain, North Uist

Contains Kilmuir, eccles. North Uist

Parish details

Kilmuir or Kilmorie in Uist now part of North Uist NUS

Parish TLA


Medieval diocese


Parish notes

Known also as Kilmorie in Uist, this was one of the 5 parish kirks of Uist and has been identified with the church of St Mary Alusascal (CPL xi 286; Highland Papers iv, 181; Monro Western Isles, 48-9). The patronage of the church may have been included in a grant of 1372/3, but it appears as a vicarage in 1455, and while it continues thereafter no indication of its status is given, apart from the fact that the bishops of the Isles held their customary third of the revenues of the parsonage (Coll. de Rebus Alban. 10; RMS i no.520). Cowan 1967 The parish probably included the greater part of the island of North Uist, and the smaller islands of Rhona, Gremsay, Illeray, Kirkebost, Husker, Valay, Boreray and Orinsay. The district of Sand [n.e. Uist] now included in the parish of North Uist, formed a separate parsonage. OPS ii (1), 372. [presumably North Uist = combined parishes of Kilmuir XKU & Sand]. Church stood at Kilmuir (apparently the Balchenglish of Blaeu). The present church was built in 1764.[presumbably NF8163] ibid. 373.