Alexander, Scottish prince

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Stories about this saint are given by Chalmers in 1631 (Camerarius, de fortitudine, 166), and cited by Forbes, who regards him as a 'doubtful saint'. There is said to have been a fair commemorating Alexander at Keith in Banffshire (Paul 1916, 165). It is said to have been on the 6th August, but no references are given and he may have taken the information from Forbes (Forbes, Kalendars, 270). He is alleged to have been a Scottish prince who became a Cistersian in France. He was the brother of St Matilda, who is otherwise unknown.



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Belongs to the group Alexander, Alchenter (ns) (certain)

Same as Alchenter (possible)

There is a well and chapel in Dunipace parish whose saint is given interchangeably as Alchenter and Alexander.

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Alexander (certain)

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August 6